Hi Performance Passing Lamp Bulb Replacements

Super Bright Passing Lamp Bulb Set

Fits all Passing Lamps on HD Models 2006 and Up. These Xenon Gas Bulbs create white light which is cleaner then standard halogen bulbs. 40% Brighter Then stock halogen Replacement.


Price: $24.95 Per Pair

H-3 Halogen Stock Replacement Bulb

35 Watt


Price: $6.50 Each

H-3 Halogen Hi Performance Bulb 

55 Watt


60% Brighter Then Stock 35 Watt.


Price: $7.50 Each

H-3 Xenon Gas Replacement Bulb

55 Watt


This bulb is 10 times the light of stock and puts out super white light. It also matches our H-4 Headlamp Bulbs.


Price: $10.00 Each

H-3 Super Blue Bulb

55 Watt


This Blue bulb makes you more visible by putting off a blue hue easily seen by oncoming motorist. It also matches our H-4 Blue Headlamp Bulbs.


Price: $8.50 Each

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